Intermediate Macroeconomics
An undergraduate course that aims to equip students with their first macroeconomic models, to learn to approach economic and policy questions in a structured way. The course covers progressively richer versions of a basic IS-LM model for the analysis of the short-run, and the Solow growth model for the analysis of the long-run. The course draws on multiple recent and historic events to provide context and bring the material to life. 

[Lecture Slides] [The European Crisis: A Case Study]

Uo Glasgow, Adam Smith Business School · Spring 2024 (co-taught with T. Kirsanova)

Economics, Finance and Crises (MSc)
A course that aims to illustrate how the economic cycle and financial markets are closely related, and how shocks can propagate in the economy causing economy-wide crises. The course is structured in a project-based way: Students are invited to use both empirical evidence and theoretical concepts to analyze events from around the globe and policy-makers' responses to them, starting with the Great Depression up to the recent COVID crisis. 

[Lecture Slides

Aix-Marseille School of Economics · Fall 2021

Various courses  · Teaching Assistant

Brown University (2015 - 2020): Financial Institutions, Game Theory, Intermediate Macroeconomics, Introduction to Econometrics, International Finance, Advanced Macroeconomics. 

National Technical University of Athens (2009 - 2010): Introduction to Programming, Algorithms and Complexity.